Interlude: Random bits

Ever have one of those periods of time where you work your butt off all day long and at the end of the day realize you barely made a dent in the backlog of work that has to be done "asap"?  That was the last two days for me.

My wife was generous enough to offer to take care of both kids on Sunday to give me time to catch up on my backlog at work.  I had a soccer game at 2:45, but I got to work about 9:30 to try to get through as much backlog as I could before my game.  I sat down, made a list, and started working - next thing I knew, it was 2:30, and I was almost late to my game. 

On a related (and random) note, on my last dentist visit, I was told that I had 3 cracked teeth.  My dentist informed me that while the cracked teeth generally break when eating, it's the clenching of the teeth that ineveitably cause the cracks (I've had 3 other teeth break on me).  We've discussed a bite guard for sleeping, and I'll probably go that route.  In the meantime, I've tried to pay a lot of attention to my jaw to see if I realize when I'm clenching or grinding my teeth.  As I was leaving the office sunday, I noticed that my jaw was aching, and that I had been clenching for hours.  I guess I'm glad that Microsoft has a decent dental plan.

Monday (today) was filled with 3 hours of teaching, followed by 3 hours of meetings in 3 different buildings over a 4 hour stretch.  After work I drove to Port Orchard and back to drop the oldest off at his grandparents.  Tomorrow I have another 6 hours of meetings and 2 doc submissions due.  Wednesday, I'm sleeping in.

I'm not complaining - although it's not always like this, I do love to work hard, and enjoy the challenge of digging myself out from under a humongous pile of work.  Once I see the light, I'll finish up the QA vs. Testing series. 

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