OK – here goes…my rant on QA vs. Testing – Part One: Who Cares?

I have started and stopped writing this post at least a dozen times.  The mis-use of the QA term is a big peeve of mine.  Let me rewrite that last sentence with appropriate emphasis. 

The mis-use of the QA term is a big peeve of mine.

In other words, who cares?  One title or a job description certainly doesn't change what people do.  If someone is doing software testing, you could call them a "Grand Poobah", or a "Brrreeeport", or a "Quality Assurance Master", but they'd still be doing software testing.  I talk to people who understand the difference, but they say "Alan - I know it's wrong, but who cares?  Seriously.  Who Cares?"

I get it.  I know it doesn't matter, and that it's something I should probably just confine to a discussion with a therapist, but I'll write it down for posterity anyway.  I am going to post in pieces.  Partly because it will give me something to post about, and partly (mostly) because I think I have too much to say to get it in one or two posts.

I have an outline done I could post, but that would stop me from changing my mind.  However, it may help me to openly organize my thoughts anyway.  The tentative schedule is:

Part 2:  What is the role of software testing?
Part 3:  What is the role of Quality Assurance?
Part 4:  Can Testers be QA?  Can QA be testers? (I'll accept proposals for a better title)
Part 5:  What did I forget to say in the previous 4 posts?

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