PSQT Conference, here I come…or maybe not

I heard last week that my presentation was accepted for PSQT...kind of.

I received a notice that my presentation was accepted, but there wasn't a speaker slot for me.  I act like a speaker (I submit my paper and presentation like a speaker, and show up to the conference like a speaker), but I don't present unless someone backs out.  At first, I thought it was a bit strange, but it makes perfect sense - this keeps the conference organizers from having to do a last minute scramble if someone backs out at any time before the conference.

Now I have to determine if it's worth the expense of having MS fly me to Vegas and pay for a hotel for a conference I may or may not present at (not to mention whatever the value is of me being away from work for 3 days).  From everything I've heard about this conference, however, it's worth attending, and should be educational, so I'm leaning towards going.  The other factor (and my 19...or 39 readers will remember) is that I've also submitted to the Better Software conference, but probably won't hear back from them for a few weeks.  I don't think I can justify the travel costs of speaking at both conerences, but given a choice, I'd rather go to one where I have a guaranteed slot.  The final piece of the puzzle is that in the past, I've usually heard from the organizers of STAR / Better Software very early if I'm in the running for selection, but I didn't hear anything this year.  I think this means that either they loved my proposal, or thought it stunk (I'm leaning toward (b), but I don't know why).

Anyway...I have to make a choice about PSQT soon (like tomorrow), so I guess I'm just hoping my horoscope will give me a clue 🙂

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