The Pragmatic Tester

One of
my favorite programming books is “the pragmatic programmer”.  I’ve toyed for a
long time with writing articles or giving presentations on “the pragmatic
tester” – and show how Andrew Hunt’s concepts of broken windows, tracer
bullets, stone soup, etc. have similar or identical paradigms in the testing

I’m not
sure anyone has already done this sort of thing, but I’ll follow up with a
series of posts on this subject over the coming weeks.


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  1. Ben says:

    Not that posts wouldn’t be appreciated, but they’ve actually written a book on this.

    <a href=>Pragmatic Unit Testing</a>

  2. alanpa says:

    Ah…I should have mentioned that I’ve read the Pragmatic Unit Testing book (it’s very good), but it is really focused on using pragmatic techniques while writing unit tests – so technically, it’s a coding book about one specific part of testing.

    For the sake of my posts, I planto talk about pragmatism in the entire testing process.

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