Test Fest 04

We just finished up this years version of the Windows CE Test Fest, and since I put a link to my blog in the slides, I thought I'd better put an updated note here to 1) show that I don't completely  ignore this blog, and 2) to have a place for any attendees to post any comments or feedback they have on the event.

I couldn't attend the entire event, but got a feeling that most of the presentations were pretty well received.  I thought my own presentation (on, of course, writing TUX dll's) went fairly well.  I think if I had to do it over again, I'd have covered a little less, as I felt I had to move pretty quickly.  On the other hand, however, I think I covered enough of the details that attendees can go home and run through the lab at their own pace with some success.  I also didn't have much time for many "tips & tricks" - aka really cool stuff you can do with tux - I guess I'll save those for next time.

If you attended the event and are reading this, thanks again for coming out.  I hope you had a great time, and can improve on your testing efforts with Windows CE.

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