EDC Follow up

Thanks to everyone who attended my talks at edc.  I thought the tux hands on labs went very well - I got a lot of great comments and questions.  I was especially impressed that at least one attendee came to both sessions!

The CE Testing Strategy talk didn't go as well - at least in my opinion.  About 2 minutes into the talk, I was getting a feeling that what I was talking about, and what the audience was expecting to hear were two different things.  I kept looking for opportunities to improvise and find a way to get peoples interest back, but I just never felt like I got things back on track.  I normally do a pretty good job in this situation - I don't know if it was because I spent so much time thinking about the tux presentation, or if the dark room through me off, or if I was just off, but this could have (should have) been way better.  Oh well - this particular talk won't happen again, and if I do a variation, I'll set it up quite a bit differently.  I guess if I was  true blogger I'd ask people what interested them about testing Windows CE...

I had promised a few people a copy of a stand alone tux wizard - the tool is ready, but I was going to add support for generating evc projects as well as sources/dirs based projects.  Should only take me a few minutes...just need to find those few minutes.  Regardless, it should be posted here by the end of the week at the latest.

Comments (8)

  1. Keith Kammler says:

    Hey Alan,

    How about that TUXWIZ ?

  2. Alan Page says:

    Currently, it doesn’t generate EVC based projects, but I think you should be ok anyway (I’ll add the EVC support shortly). I just put the current version on http://www.pagecyr.com/DevCon/tuxwiz.exe (~44k).

    Let me know if it works out for you, or if you have any questions or feature requests. This is an unrelease app, and isn’t supported through any official means. Use at your own risk, etc. (the lawyers like me to say stuff like that – in reality, it should work perfectly for you)

  3. Rory McLeod says:

    The info about custom tux test is great to have. Are there any sources besides your ppt that has this information? books, or websites – a search of MSDN turns up nothing.


  4. Alan Page says:

    I don’t know of any books that talk about using TUX, and the only web sites I know of that mention it is the documentaion on msdn.com.

    If there’s specific information you’re looking for, or specific scenarios you’d like to see examples on, I’d be happy to write something up.

  5. Rory McLeod says:

    I can make do with the materials from the conference. It’s just that there is nothing that references macros used in creating the tux dlls on msdn.

  6. Alan Page says:

    Are you talking about the FTE / FTH and other assorted function table macros? Those are confusing internally as well. I’d be glad to write something up and post it here and wherever else seems appropriate (at the very least, any technical info I post here will be cross posted in the news:microsoft.public.windowsce.testtools newsgroup.

  7. Rory McLeod says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I’d like documented. Posting on …testtools is ideal. Thanks.

  8. Alan Page says:

    I’ll have a short article on this posted in a few days (both here and the testtools newsgroup).

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