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Composing DSLs in our tools

Susan says:  1. Composing languages: a DSL can also be categorized based on whether it an encapsulated DSL that represents an application domain (e.g. finance, medical, etc) or an aspectual DSL that represents a concern that cuts across the application (concurrency, exception management, etc). Aspectual DSL are more difficult to compose and integrate as they… Read more

Model Taxonomy

At the excellent SPA conference ( John Daniels led a workshop session “A Taxonomy of Models”. Defining “model” as including any kind of language, he made a table of how models are used; or rather, he wrote the outer headings and we (working in an interesting process) filled in the content:   Conceptual S/W Specification… Read more

Models and Programs

What’s the word “Model” useful for?  People use it for all sorts of stuff, usually as distinct from “Program”. Here’s some definitions, ending up with the one I like best. Model = pictures   (my score: 4/10) UML is ‘modeling’ because it’s mostly pictures OCL (the constraint part of UML) isn’t modeling, because it’s text The same… Read more

DSL tools available

In my previous job, I used to go around showing people some rather neat techniques for doing requirements analysis (and in particular the Catalysis method I created with Desmond D’Souza). One of the big frustrations was that we didn’t have any tools to support our methods — always the most difficult thing that clients would… Read more