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Extending the DSL Tools

The DSL Tools are extensible – as well as writing a specification of your own language, you can add your own code to extend the language and its tools in various ways. One of the best ways to learn the extensions is by reading the DSL Samples. They include detailed writeups on how to customize the… Read more

Models/UML conference

The Models/UML conference has posted its call for papers Steve, Stuart and I take it in turns on the programme committee for this. (Stuart was Programme Chair last year.) “The MoDELS series of conferences are devoted to the topic of model-driven engineering, covering both languages and systems used to create complex systems. These conferences are both… Read more

End-to-end DSL samples available

We’ve just published an updated set of samples for the DSL Tools. As well as updates to the previous examples, which show how to customize your DSL, there’s now a complete small end-to-end showing how a DSL can be used to generate the code of a project, and work as part of a larger solution. The scenario… Read more