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Constraints and Restrictions in MS DSL Tools

I do get irritated by over-officious tools. “You can’t use that name, you’ve used it already over there.” Well, I know, but I’m going to change that in a moment, and it’ll be alright in the end, really. In the DSL Tools Customization Samples & Guide, there is a section showing you how to prevent… Read more

Rules in the DSL Tools

In the DSL Tools  Customization Samples & Guide there’s some examples that use MDF rules to spot a change and react to it. (1) In the class diagram sample, attributes are displayed as a string like “aName : SomeType”, and in the properties grid, the name and type are in separate properties. All three forms are accessible… Read more

Customizing the MS Domain Specific Language Tools

One of the features of the DSL Tools is extensibility. With the language definition files, you can define a wide range of thing-and-link style graphical notations. The current version of the Tools comes with a set of templates for creating class, use case and activities diagrams; but the idea is that you adapt the language definitions to… Read more