Alan Cameron Wills - Domain Specific Languages

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DSL + Agile workshop   I spent most of Monday running a DSL workshop at XP2005, with Steven Kelly of MetaCase. There were 22 participants including ourselves, and people said it was an enjoyable and useful day.   Results posted at   Main interesting points: ·         Quite a lot of interest in using DSLs (both graphical… Read more

How to teach software development

Software development is teamwork. The most important techniques you learn for project success — or get wrong otherwise — are about working in teams. The methods that have made the biggest improvements in development success rates are not tools or technical stuff, they’re about how people work together — most notably, the agile methods. Tools… Read more

Martin Fowler on DSLs

Martin Fowler has posted an interesting summary of  DSLs at There are one or two surprising omissions. He doesn’t mention who have been in the business for years, nor who have made some interesting tools for designing and using DSLs.  … Read more