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Software factories overview

An overview of what my group in MS does: Unusually for MS, “software factories” is partly methodology, as well as a strategy for developing tools around Visual Studio. A Software Factory is an IDE that supports particular architectures. It’s tuned for work within a specific area – so that instead of writing all the code… Read more

workshop on agility and domain specific languages

Steven Kelly of MetaCase and I are doing a workshop at XP2005  on  “Agile Development with Domain Specific Languages“.  Steven has been designing language-oriented programming tools for years, so it will be nice to work with him on this. Do DSLs help agility? Do they help scale agile methods? Does using a DSL get in the way… Read more

Adaptive Object Modeling with DSL Tools

Erdem Sahin posted this question to the DSLTools web forum: Does DSL help to build Adaptive Object Models? Yep, I reckon so. AOM is a very flexible architectural style in which business rules and other requirements are represented in metadata, and can be changed at runtime.,%20Yoder,%20Borba%20and%20Johnson.pdf has a good description. The key thing you need to… Read more

Composing DSLs in our tools

Susan says:  1. Composing languages: a DSL can also be categorized based on whether it an encapsulated DSL that represents an application domain (e.g. finance, medical, etc) or an aspectual DSL that represents a concern that cuts across the application (concurrency, exception management, etc). Aspectual DSL are more difficult to compose and integrate as they… Read more