CEBoard 2.0

CEBoard is a chess tool for Pocket PC.It’s main purpose is game viewing and editing. It fully supports the PGN standard (including variations). The two main features of the 2.0 release are : multi-criteria, multi-file search hosting of chess engines : CEBoard is able to host CraftyClassic2004, Fruit 2.1 and Toga II 1.0

Scrabble duplicate for Pocket PC

I’ve put on my web site ( an English version of my Scrabble Duplicate program for Pocket PC. The web page is in French but the program is fully translated and uses the English Dictionary.

Tâches Aujourd’hui 1.2 disponible

   J’ai déposé sur mon site ( une nouvelle version de TâchesAujourd’hui. Elle gère maintenant les tâches Terminées.