Running WebDAV code against Windows 2008(IIS7) and getting HTTP Error 404.11?

I ran into this same issue and then discovered the following KB: Error message when you visit a Web site that is hosted on IIS 7.0: "HTTP Error 404.11 – URL_DOUBLE_ESCAPED" Setting the allowDoubleEscaping="true" did resolve my problem but this approach slightly compromises the server security by leaving it open to “Double Encoding” attacks….


Issue with updating a PT_BINARY property using WebDAV

I ran into a strange issue yesterday when I was trying to update a Named property of type PT_BINARY using WebDAV. When I did the PROPPATCH it went through fine and did not fail. When I checked the Named property using MFC MAPI, it was there but the type had changed to PT_STRING8. Below is…


HOW TO: Using WebDAV from PowerShell 1.0

I was just trying my hands on PowerShell and wanted to try using WebDAV from it. I wrote a small sample that searches the inbox of a user for unread mails and lists out the Href and the Subject of the email. Create a .PS1 file as below: #Change the Server name and Credentials [System.String]$serverName…


Saving an email as "Draft" in the Drafts folder

Have you ever tried to save a email into the Drafts folder using WebDAV? I followed the KB 313128 and altered the code to just save the email to the drafts folder. When I tried to open the email from the Drafts folder using Outlook Web Access(2003) or Outlook it appeared as a “Sent” email…