Did you ever have to re-sign the Application and Deployment manifest for a VSTO 3.0 ClickOnce add-in?

My customer had written a VSTO 3.0 add-in but could not publish(ClickOnce) it directly as he did not have access to the production environment. Further more there was a need to change a setting in the config file. He create a Web Setup project to deploy all the file and also altered the config file using a custom action in the setup project.

Changing the config file invalidated the hash and now the application and deployment manifest for the add-in had to be resigned. In case you have never done it before, below are links to a very good blog post and a Channel9 video on how to re-sign the VSTO 3.0 manifests using MAGE.

Re-signing ClickOnce Application and Deployment Manifests with MAGE

Signing and re-signing manifests in ClickOnce


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