Changing the position of the “ReplyAll” button in Outlook 2007 Ribbon

Do you want to make “ReplyAll” the last button in the Ribbon while reading mail(Inspector) in Outlook 2007?

Yes, it can be done. All you have to do is make a simple COM Add-in that implements IRibbonExtensibility or a VSTO Add-in and provide it with the appropriate Ribbon XML.

You cannot hide/remove the buttons in the built in groups using the “visible” attribute but you can definitely hide the entire group. This is exactly what i did!

The group where the “ReplyAll” button is placed is named “GroupRespond”. I altered its visibility and then created two new groups. The first group had just the “Reply” and “Forward” buttons and was placed before the “GroupActions”, the second group had the “ReplyAll” button and by default got added to the end of the Ribbon.

Below is the Ribbon XML that I used:

<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="Ribbon_OnLoad">
      <tab idMso="TabReadMessage">
        <group idMso="GroupRespond" visible="false">
        <group id="Respond" label="Respond" insertBeforeMso="GroupActions">
            <button  idMso="Reply" size="large" />
            <button  idMso="Forward" size="large" />
        <group id="ReplyAllOnly" label="Respond">
            <button idMso="ReplyAll" size="large" />

Hope this helps!

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