HOW TO: Add ResourceDelegates for a Room Mailbox(s) based on a specified criteria using Powershell script

If you want to add ResourceDelegates for a Room Mailbox based on a specific criteria you can use the script below:

In this case we add all users in a specific database as ResourceDelegates

Create a .PS1 file as below:

#This function returns all the users from a specific Database #This function can be altered to return mailboxes based on any other criteria

Function GetUsers { param($DbName="") $UMailboxes="" $UMailboxes =Get-Mailbox -Database $DbName -RecipientTypeDetails Usermailbox return $UMailboxes } #Get the Room Mailboxes for which we have to set the Delegates #In this case we have to set the Delegates for the Room Mailbox tproom Get-Mailbox -identity tproom -RecipientTypeDetails RoomMailbox | foreach{ #Call the GetUsers function passing in the Database name. Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity $_.Alias
-ResourceDelegates (GetUsers "ex200701\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database") }

To Run the script:

1)Open the Exchange Management Shell

2)Navigate to the location where you have stored the script file.

3)Type in .\ScriptName.PS1 and hit enter to execute the script.

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