p&p Symposium attendees – where are they from?

  Last week Don and I blogged more details about the Symposium here and here and Michael kicked off a new series called Behind the Curtain with a discussion about upcoming p&p events including the Symposium for Episode 1 and followd it up with a discussion on p&p planning for Episode 2. We are making…


p&p Symposium : Keynotes, Workshops, Sessions and more

  Every fall patterns & practices team hosts an annual p&p event at Microsoft Redmond Campus. This year’s event called “p&p Symposium” is being held Oct 18th-22nd 2010. This year’s event has got a new name and a new price (it’s only $699 before Aug 31st and $999 after that) among many other exciting new…


patterns & practices for Windows Azure

“It’s the next step, it’s the next phase, it’s the next transition,…” – Steve Ballmer said that about Cloud Computing during his speech last week at University of Washington. You can watch web cast on demand here or read the transcript of his speech here.  At patterns & practices, what are we doing to provide…


p&p Enterprise Library v5.0 and Unity 2.0 BETA 1 now available

The team just released the BETA 1 version of Enterprise Library v5.0 and Unity v2.0 Beta 1. Please download it, evaluate it and give us your feedback. You can run this version side by side with earlier versions. Excerpt from Grigori’s blog post: We are very excited about the improvements we’ve made to the overall…


I voted. Have you?

Influence the features that makes it into the next version of Enterprise Library  v5.0. Grigori Melnik has posted the tentative product backlog with the initial estimates for your feedback.   Take this survey and tell us what you would like to see included in Enterprise Library v5.0. Happy Voting!


Enterprise Library – A p&p crown jewel

A crown jewel. That is the term we use when referring to EntLib at p&p. With over 1.6 million downloads and used by customers of different sizes and in different industries, Enterprise Library is by far the most successful p&p release. Check out this post by Grigori Melnik, Program Manager of Enterprise Library. Also, if…


Webcasts on p&p Enterprise Library and Unity application Block

I got few people asking about this after my session at TechEd EMEA and p&p summit. Here are the links to the three recent web casts on Enterprise Library 4.0 and Unity DI block. Taking advantage of Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.0 for Visual Studio 2008 (http://www.livemeeting.com/cc/wwe_us/view?cn=guest&id=1032382561&pw=9433FF7E) Introduction to dependency injection with Microsoft Enterprise Library Unity…


Enterprise Library Web Casts

I just posted a blog entry about EntLib and Alex’s article. I also wanted to share this list of web casts on Enterprise Library. Time to grab some popcorn and soda 🙂 Happy watching! Extending the Microsoft Enterprise Library Unity Application Block Dependency Injection Container The Microsoft Enterprise Library Unity Application Block is a lightweight,…


Alex Homer has figured it out

How to write less code and play more golf? For patterns & practices, Enterprise Library is an important deliverable. We call it our crown jewel. Over the last few years, Enterprise Library has had about 1.3 million downloads. Here are some interesting numbers about Enterprise Library: 2003 – Year when the first application block was released…


It’s time for some code casting – p&p on Elegant Code Cast

. Recently Grigori Melnik and I did a code cast with David Starr and Chris Brandsma from Elegant Code. In this code cover we covered a range of topic. Here is an excerpt from the Elegant Code site:  “Chris and David were lucky enough to sit down (okay, it was a conference call) with Grigori Melnik…