Talking to customers and partners around the world about patterns & practices

In about a week and a half, I along with Don, David and Ade from the p&p team will be travelling to Slovenia and Sweden to participate in patterns & practices event. My favorite part of the job is meeting with our customers and partners both to understand how they are using patterns & practices releases and get feedback on areas we should be looking into. I will sure be meeting with lot of customers and partners during this trip. I will write a blog post in the future about our planning process. I have never been to Slovenia or Sweden, so really looking forward to it.

NT Konferenca, Slovenia ( – May 24th – 27th 2010.

image When Bostjan from Microsoft DPE, Slovenia asked me a few months back about speaking at the conference in Slovenia, I had no knowledge of the IT community in Slovenia. Little did I know about the size of this community. NT Konferenca will be attended by over thousand attendees including architects, developers, project managers, technical leaders and IT managers. I am very eager to visit Slovenia and present the “patterns & practices” keynote. I am also looking forward to meeting with several customers and partners during this visit.




Dev Summit, Sweden ( – June 1st and 2nd, 2010


Several months back Dag, Robert and Johan from Microsoft, Sweden and I talked about hosting a p&p event in Sweden. They came back with a plan to integrate this with the Developer Summit in Stockholm and that’s what we are doing. This is a great opportunity for us to engage with the developer and architect community in Sweden. We will be presenting on various topics including “p&p for application development”, “application architecture”, “cloud patterns”, “enterprise library” and more. Looking forward to speaking at this event and meeting with customers and partners in Sweden.




If you are attending either of these events, please find me and say “hi”, then I will know someone is reading my blog (other than my kids, it’s mandatory bed time reading for them:) ). It is going to be a busy and fun two weeks. Hopefully the “ash cloud” from the volcano won’t alter our travel plan. Fingers crossed for that.

It’s going to be lot of flying for me in the next month and a half. I come back from Sweden on the 3rd of June and fly back to India (mostly for vacation) on the 10th of June. I better get used to cabin pressure, peanut/pretzels and flight food.:)


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