Guidance for the Web from p&p

I am writing this blog post from India.  I am in Chennai on vacation and having a great time connecting with family and friends. It is a hot and humid and that is to be expected. What is not to be expected though is the traffic pattern here in Chennai. It  is important to watch for what the car and bike next to you and ahead of you is going to do next. It is fun and good times.

On the work front, p&p is gearing up to create next set of guidance for web applications. Before we get going on this, true to p&p spirits, we would like to gather feedback from you on what are the important areas to focus with this guidance effort. Your input is very important to the project’s success. Blaine just posted a survey to capture your input.

Please take a moment to complete this survey. Feel free to forward the survey link to your colleagues and friends.

We appreciate your help,

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