Announcements: Enterprise Library 3.0 Feb 2007 CTP; Visual Studio Team System Guidance project

Tom Hollander just announced the availability of Enterprise Library 3.0 Feb 2007 CTP in his blog .

OK, I know the sun has already set on February in some parts of the world, but over here it's still well and truly the 28th so I have no regrets in announcing the availability of the February 2007 CTP of Enterprise Library 3.0. (If only I could say the same thing about the February 2007 CTP of GAT/GAX :-S). This is the last CTP before the official release of Enterprise Library 3.0, which is expected around a month from now.

Also, J.D. Meier just announced in his blog the release of "Visual Studio Team System Guidance" project.

This is our first release of our Visual Studio Team System Guidance.  This project is a collaborative effort with VSTS team members, customers, field, and industry experts.

What you'll see so far, is Practices at a Glance and Questions and Answers as we're tackling source control / versioning.  They are designed to give you a quick path through the lessons learned and emerging practices.  These are works in progress.  As we learn, we update.  What you'll also see is a section that includes artifacts we create to help us build the guidance.  You'll also see a Team System Resources Index which is lists of the various public resources we use.  One of the first things steps we took to ramp our team, was gather and catalog the available resources.  There are a lot! 


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