A new release of Power Map for Excel!

Hi, folks, and thanks for checking things out here.

Microsoft quietly released a new version of Power Map for Excel.  It's still in Preview mode, but there were some notable performance and stability changes.  You may also notice some net new functions in the ribbon for Power Map (e.g. 2D Charting options).

If your copy of the add-in still says "GeoFlow", you don't have the latest and greatest.  You can get that here:


If you already have GeoFlow (the former codename for Power Map), go ahead and uninstall that before you install the new add-in.

I created a quick demo of the latest Power Map functionality - you can check it out here:


I use US Census data for this one - The data set is pretty straight-forward - just population statistics.  I don't get into the most of the demographic items - just raw population by county.  You can grab a copy of the data here:


I use the CSV file that contains the entire US. 


Here's what I learned along the way:

1) If you want the time-based animation, you must mark some aspect of your PowerPivot model as a Date Table.  Since I don't get one from the Census, I just fabricated something to get the animation working.

2) Power Map doesn't like a plain County Name - how can you tell the difference between Cumberland County in PA, MD, and NJ?  So I load the data via Power Query and fabricate a concatenated column of County + State.  Power Map likes using this flavor of geography much better.

3) When things start to look messy on your map, consider using the "Thickness" control to slim down some of the column chart points.  Usually does the trick for me.




UPDATE September 30 2013

Here's the "official" list of changes with this iteration of the add-in:

       Improved Getting Started Experience
       Regions Visualization
       Create Video
       Change Color for Series
       Settings Revamp
       Support for Calculated Fields and Hidden Columns
       Flat Map
       Picture Annotations
       Graphics Quality Settings
       RTL and Localization
       High DPI
       Redline Polish
       Memory Footprint
       Remote Desktop Support
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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you have a working GeoFlow preview you may want to stick with it (for the time being). I had (and still have) many problems with mapping after uninstalling GeoFlow and installing the Power Map preview.

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