Custom Control webcast sample

Hello again, For those of you who went to my webcast this morning, thanks for coming. There was a request for the project I was working on during the demo. I don’t have it lying around but I created one that is pretty much identical and it can be found here:



For those of you who follow the InfoPath blog, this won’t be new information. (It was posted here: I have a webcast on the 29th on create custom controls using InfoPath via ActiveX. I won’t be covering ActiveX itself, but will go over the various things available to ActiveX control writers who want to…


MSDN Hands-on Lab 6 … the Visual Basic 6.0 version

On MSDN, InfoPath has hands-on labs. The ActiveX control lab was one that I was responsible for. Since it has been posted, there have been a few requests for the Visual Baisc 6.0 equivalent (instead of C++) because that seems to be the prefered way of ActiveX control creation for many to this day. Due to popular request, a Visual…


Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 Available!

Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 is now available! Link: There are two files, here’s a description of the differences: Office2003SP1-kb842532-client-enu.exe: You should download this file if you have access to your original product CD-ROM. You might need to provide the installation source during patch installation if you have previously updated your product. Office2003SP1-kb842532-fullfile-enu.exe: Download this…


4th type of custom control binding

Ok, I said there were three types of custom control binding: simple binding, stream binding and node binding…. ok, so I kind of lied…. there’s a fourth type… sort of… If you don’t pick a Value property, then it won’t give you a choice of binding. This is the fourth type…. no binding.


Why does my ActiveX control say that it needs to be marked as safe for initializing?

InfoPath custom controls can use a subset of ActiveX controls. This subset must implement IObjectSafety for it to work in InfoPath (you won’t even be able to add it if you don’t have this). For those writing Visual Basic 6.0 controls, take a look at this article on how to do it:


Custom Control support in InfoPath (Part III – Node Binding)

Continuing (from Part II) on, we will discuss the third type of binding available to ActiveX controls within InfoPath. This one is called “Node Binding” (which corresponds to the “Field or Group (any data type)“ in the drop down of the custom control wizard). What happens if you want your ActiveX control to interact with data…


Custom Control support in InfoPath (Part II – Stream Binding)

Continuing (from Part I) on, we will discuss the second type of binding available to ActiveX controls within InfoPath. This one is called “Stream Binding” (which corresponds to the “Field element with custom data type“ in the drop down of the custom control wizard). Remember in the first binding type(simple) I mentioned that it’s not…


Custom Control support in InfoPath (Part I – Simple Binding)

Over the last year and a half, the InfoPath team has been working on the SP1 release. If anyone’s seen the list of features, you’ll notice that there are new features with a service pack release. The feature which I’ve worked on mostly was the custom control support. Basically allowing developers to create and use…


Some great examples from the community

For those looking for InfoPath resources beyond stuff directly from Microsoft, has some good examples which you can find here: