Do you really like online shopping? Come contribute to MSN Shopping

Online shopping is a $26 billion dollar market (I didn’t do much research here beyond a simple MSN search, but we can all agree the market is huge). As more shops open up online, customers are being provided with more and more choices on sites to shop. With the increase in choices, shopping portals are being increasingly…


MSN Remote Record launches

What do you do when you’re at work (or at school) and you remember that you didn’t set the recording for your favourite show on your Media Center? Call home and get someone to schedule it for you? That doesn’t work for me (unless I can somehow train my pets to do it….hmmm….). Today, MSN…


What do you think of this new site?

The MSN Shopping team has recently pushed out a beta version of our upcoming shopping site. The site can be found here: The navigation is quite noticably different than the previous version. Please let us know what you think by leaving me feedback using link below.


Showing images on XP-styled buttons.

The other day, I decided to enable visual styles on one of my winform apps and found out that doing so breaks buttons with images. To get around this, I had to write a control which would inherit from the System.Windows.Forms.Button class and then handle the WM_PAINT message and draw the image myself. Below is…