From InfoPath to MSN Shopping

Some of you (but probably not many of you) have noticed the little small bio on the side has changed from STE to SDET and from InfoPath to MSN Shopping. At the beginning of this month, I made a move over to the MSN world. The internet and the web was the thing that really got me into computer when I was younger and I'm glad to be back doing this.

MSN Shopping isn't a store. the MSN Shopping site is rather a portal for over 200 stores online. MSN Shopping will let you search and compare items from all 200 stores in one central location.

I'm still rather new to MSN Shopping so nothing really insightful to talk about today. I'll just leave you with a bunch of links.

Home page
The main page.
Shopping Alerts
Get alerts in MSN Messenger on shopping deals
Days of Deals
Special limited-time offers to MSN Shoppers
Free shipping center

Browse all the stores for items with free shipping
Holiday Shopping Guide

2004 shopping guide.
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  1. One of the great things about working for Microsoft is the variety of things that someone can work on.

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