Custom Control webcast sample

Hello again, For those of you who went to my webcast this morning, thanks for coming. There was a request for the project I was working on during the demo. I don’t have it lying around but I created one that is pretty much identical and it can be found here:


From InfoPath to MSN Shopping

Some of you (but probably not many of you) have noticed the little small bio on the side has changed from STE to SDET and from InfoPath to MSN Shopping. At the beginning of this month, I made a move over to the MSN world. The internet and the web was the thing that really…



For those of you who follow the InfoPath blog, this won’t be new information. (It was posted here: I have a webcast on the 29th on create custom controls using InfoPath via ActiveX. I won’t be covering ActiveX itself, but will go over the various things available to ActiveX control writers who want to…


Pocket PC Phone Edition Ringtone scripting

So the other day, I got myself HP iPaq 6315. In the past, I had a Motorola Mpx200 and it was great, but to have a my e-mail, calendar info and other things at my fingertips. I also really liked how it provided me with the ability to sync with my mail at anytime. Because…