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For those who need help with InfoPath related questions, a good place to always go to is the public newsgroups. The newsgroup you'll be looking for is microsoft.public.infopath. Here's a link for those who don't have a newsgroup reader set up: but Outlook Express (comes with Windows XP) should be able to read newsgroups for you. Microsoft employees will frequent these newsgroups daily. Look for me on the newsgroups!

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  1. Daniel says:

    I am very new to InfoPath and have just downloaded InfoPath SP1 and InfoPath Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET. I wish to have a Combo Box in a Repeater Table which allows me display a list and also type an entry if it is not displayed in the list.

    Would it be possible to use the Combo Box from VB.Net and add it into InfoPath as a ActiveX control. If this is possibly.

    How can I programmability add entry’s and have general control over this control.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Daniel Barnes

    Daniel Barnes

  2. Andrew Ma says:

    You could use a combo box as a ActiveX control in InfoPath but unfortunately, you won’t have much control over the combo box. InfoPath’s programmability model does not allow direct access to the controls, only to the data. So the only thing you could do is bind the control to a sub-tree in the DOM and then edit the values in the DOM (which your control will be able to read).

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