TFS 2008 export to Project 2010 beta1

Last week, I was fighting with TFS 2008 export to Project for a while and was unable to find a resolution anywhere. Turns our that I had MS Project 2010 beta1 installed and upon switching to Project 2007, it started working again. Hope this might be able to help some folks. I don’t know what…


From Search to XNA

One of the great things about working for Microsoft is the variety of things that someone can work on. Back in November 2004, I made a switch from one team to another within Microsoft. This past month, I made another change back to an area which got me first involved into computers. I’ve joined the…


Windows Live Search – Products

It’s been 6 months from the last time I posted about Product Searching in Windows Live Search. Our team is still well and kicking. To prove it, today you can go to our newly revamped site ( In the past, you would have to look for the “Products” tab. When you do searches now, you’ll…


More Images, More Relevant

The Product Search team is still hard at work. Imran and Ling give some details on some relevancy and image improvements we’ve done. Check it out:!D789A2CD819EF461!197.entry


Product Search Grid View

Sorry for being so silent on this blog, but we’ve been hard at work on product search. A lot of it has been backend work, so you won’t see too much, but one notable thing we’ve added recently is the Grid View. Now when you search for things you buy, you can see a lot…


Windows Live Product Search

In a post last week, I mentioned that there was more to come. Earlier tonight, we unveiled yet another product that the MSN Shopping team has been working on. We released Windows Live Product Search. Now folks searching on will be able to search for things they are looking to buy. Please keep in…


Windows Live Shopping Beta released today

Sorry for being so quiet for such a long time, but we’ve been hard at work to provide a great new release. Even thought it’s only been a short time since our last release, today we have launched Windows Live Shopping. It’s currently in beta right now and we’re aware that there’s some browser compatibility…


New Window Live Shopping gadget

A small group of coworkers on my team have been working on a Windows Live gadget and today, the fruits of their labour is available for all to see. It’s available to be added to your page by going to “Directory -> Gadgets -> Shopping (beta)” from the sidebar.  


Who loves Introducing

Today, Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie announced a new strategy for Microsoft into the service space. Leveraging the technology from, today, we introduce: I’ve been to the internal meetings about this and there’s a lot more coming down the pipes in the future. What you see today is really only the tip of the iceberg. Sure there…


Removing an offline folder share

Tonight, I remapped some of my redirected folders (my docs and desktop) and after that happened, the offline folder sync was stuck trying to sync both shares (the new and the old), one of which doesn’t exist anymore. This post doesn’t have anything to do with what I work on, but I thought I’d share…