How To : VB Script to Remove the Machine Names from COM+ catalog.

We had a lot of remote servers configured in Component Services. Some of the servers later got decommissioned. Now when we try to click on the machine name nodes in Component Services it hangs and does not respond. We ran the VB script below to remove the machine name nodes from COM+ catalog.You need to be the local…

Potential risks of using unsecure RPC (No Authentication Required setting) in MSDTC security configuration

When your MSDTC machine is accessible from an un-authenticated client, i.e. machine outside your domain/firewall. Then when such a machine tries to talk to this MSDTC server, the MSDTC server will accept such requests, so in all it could allow requests from a machine outside the domain(as long as it can reach the MSDTC server/ports)…


MSDTC security settings getting reset on a cluster server if the DomainControllerState key value is set to 1.

  There are two Windows server 2003 SP2 nodes on the Veritas cluster and both of them are Domain Controllers. Under the registry hive HKLM\software\Microsoft\MSDTC\Security, the value of DomainControllerState is set to “1” (Node 1) and “2” (Node 2) respectively. When we move over the resources from node1 to node2, all the MSDTC security settings…

COM+ : 8000FFFF – Catastrophic Failure

On a windows 2003 server, when we open Component services MMC –> complus Applications, we get the following error :   Catalog error:  An error occured while processing the last operations error code 8000FFFF – Catastrophic Failure the event log may contain additional troubleshoooting information   The system was very sluggish and slow in responding….


0x8004D027 : MSDTC was unable to read its configuration information.

On a two node Windows 2003 SQL server cluster, while running the SP 2 setup for SQL server 2005, we were getting the following error : Error Description : MSP Error: 29549 Failed to install and configure assemblies C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\NotificationServices\9.0.242\Bin\microsoft.sqlserver.notificationservices.dll in the COM+ catalog. Error: -2146233087 Error message: Unknown error 0x80131501 Error…


All Visual Studio and .NET Framework hotfixes on MSDN Code Gallery are now localized in 10 new languages

All of the Visual Studio and .NET Framework hotfixes that are publicly available on MSDN Code Gallery are now localized in the following languages:  French, Spanish, Italian, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. You can browse the list of Hotfixes on MSDN CodeGallery here:   MSDN Code Gallery allows…


Unable to enlist in a distributed transaction

You run distributed transactions between two machines and they fail with the error “Unable to enlist in a distributed transaction”.   Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 2003 SP1 and SP2.   1.       First of all check if name resolution is working fine between the two servers. MSDTC uses NETBIOS name hence check for NETBIOS name resolution….


How to use Application Root directory option to configure application.config for a specific COM+ application

We would like to use the app.config file for a specific COM+ application. Generally we create dllhost.exe.config and put that in System32 directory. But this app.config will then be applicable to all the COM+ server applications.Resolution : 1. Create config and manifest file for COM+ application. Name them after the COM+ application name. for e.g….


1928: error registering com+ application on Vista

Problem:Unable to install COM+ application proxy on Vista machine.In the event log,  Error 1928: error registering COM+ application.Resolution: Removed rundll32.exe from DEP (Data Execution Prevention) to resolve the problem. Rundll32.exe is used while running the installation of COM+ application proxy. For more information about Data Execution Prevention feature :   


Override the System.Transactions default timeout of 10 minutes in the code

Problem : We were using System.Transactions to initiate distributed transactions against SQL Server. The transaction were getting aborted after about 10 minutes even though the System.Transactions has a timeout set to 200 minutes. DTC timeout (in the Component Services) is set to 0 (infinite) on both app server and sql server. DTCTrace.log from app server :…