COM+ : 8000FFFF – Catastrophic Failure

On a windows 2003 server, when we open Component services MMC --> complus Applications, we get the following error :


Catalog error:  An error occured while processing the last operations

error code 8000FFFF - Catastrophic Failure

the event log may contain additional troubleshoooting information


The system was very sluggish and slow in responding.


we were not able to rebuild the COM+ catalog from Add/Remove windows components setup. It failed with the error :


Com+ setup error

Sub compoment com+ raised an exceptipn while processing the



(line 563) error code = 0x80040206

an unexpected internal error was deteted

the complus event classes could not be registered


Application Log :



EVENT id 4610

THE COM+ EVENT SERVICE detected a bad return code during its internal processing

HResult was 80040154

from line 44 of d:\nt\com\complus\src\evnets\tier1\eventsystemobj.cpp



Provided full permissions to Authenticated users on the

“HKeyClassesRoot [HKCR]\CLSID” registry key.

Note : Try giving read permissions to Authenticated Users first. It might work too.

After this the COM+ setup completed successfully.

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  1. Amador says:

    Should I be concerned or considering fixing this code error or is it just a message, stating that it simply did not work?

  2. Ajit Yadav says:

    Error code 8000ffff is a bit generic in nature. In this case it indicates that for some reason we are not able to access the COM+ catalog. So, the error message COM+ 8000ffff does give you some insight into the problem and you would like to focus on all the things that could cause this error.

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