Error while trying to create a New SSIS project using BIDS 2008

It’s not everyday that a Business Intelligence Studio Developer runs into an Issue which he cannot troubleshoot and fix it all by himself. My friend called into my cell number on a Sunday night , while I was relaxing on my couch watching the Latest episode of Dexter. From his frustrated voice on the other…


A short story about the "SSIS Service that Failed to start ".

<! This is a short story about a how technical support engineer (Mr. Y)  saved the day for one of his Enterprise customer (Mr. X) > One fine morning Mr. X logged into his PC to start working on his pending SSIS project. He wanted to make sure his machine has all the necessary settings…


Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant – Video Series – #1

This is a short video series on Microsoft’s new Data Migration utility : SSMA ( SQL Server Migration Assistant ). In this video you’ll see the basic architecture of SSMA and different SSMA versions that are available out there in the market. Keep watching this space for more video’s in the near future… [View:]     


Connectivity to SQL server fails when "Network Library = dbmssocn" is used in addtion to having a TCP alias

I recently came across this interesting issue : The end customer was trying to connect to SQL server named instance from a Remote client machine via a application. The Server instance that he was connecting to already had a TCP alias on the client machine. In the connection string he was specifying “Network Library…


"How to" guide

I was planning to write a pending blog post with different “how to” questions answered. Not limiting the post to any specific Microsoft product / technology , I will keep updating this one as and when I find time to spare. So then , lets get started…. How to check which Domain contoller the Current…


Think Week Poster Designs

Thinkweek is an open forum that enables any Microsoft Employee to share well formulated thinking in the form of carefully wrtitten papers circulated among the Microsoft Leaders. Ideas of the brightest minds can shape the future products of Microsoft and throw might light in the direction of Next-Gen technologies. These posters were designed as a…