Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

Windows 8 can be used on Varity of devices including touch and keyboard/mouse enabled device. There are also power users who always love to use keyboard shortcuts. Recently I came across this useful documents and sharing with you. Download Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8


Windows Phone 7.5 Session @ SD Bansal Collage Of Technology, Indore

This year’s Valentine’s day was very different. I celebrated it with students from the SD Bansal Collage Of Technology, Indore delivering a workshop on “Windows Phone 7.5” Application development and deployment Download Presentation Demo BackgroundTransfers EncryptedCredentialStore HandlingPushpins HelloWorld LocalDatabase Settings


Now write blogs on MSDN via WINDOWS LIVE WRITER

Windows Live Writer is a favorite program for bloggers. Recently I started my blog on MSDN and always thought how could I use Windows Live Writer to post content to my MSDN blog. Setting up MSDN Blog on Windows Live Writer is simple. To Setup your MSDN Blog on Windows Live Writer, please follow the…


List Installed Windows Update in HTML Format

Microsoft releases security updates every month. Apart from these security updates we also install Hotfix and Looking through add/remove windows Programs becomes difficult at times. This would be very useful if you would like to know what patches have been installed on the server. wmic qfe list full /format:htable >C:\WindowsPatches.htm This works on windows server…


Website Deployed on IIS 7.5 Not Showing Images and CSS Files

Recently I came across a very strange problem. A website developed using Visual Studio 2010. While debugging everything works perfectly fine while using Visual Studio development server. All the images and CSS are applied to website as it was expected. However when I deployed this website on IIS, the CSS and Image files are not…


DebugDiag 1.2 Added Full Support for x64 Systems

DebugDiag is a wonderful tool for troubleshooting issues such as hang, slow performance, memory leak or memory fragmentation and crashes in user-mode process. Apart from all these features it also include additional scripts focusing on IIS Applications, Web data components, COM + and COM+ related technologies, SharePoint and .NET Framework. DebugDiag 1.2 is available for…


First Blog Post on MSDN

I always want to have a blog on MSDN and finally the day has come, when I created Blog on MSDN. Friends this is my First blog post on MSDN. Primarily I will be writing on ASP.NET and related .NET technologies. Feel free to send me suggestion and feedback.