Consuming "CustomerService" Web Service

Version: Dynamics AX 4 SP2.    In Dynamics AX 4 SP2, basic framework support for update and delete functionality has been added to the pre-existing framework support for create, read and find functionality. This blog illustrates how the pre-existing functionality as well as the new update and delete functionality can be consumed from a sample…


Welcome to the AIF blog

Hello everybody, The AIF team is excited to announce this new blog for discussing issues related to integrating Dynamics AX through the Application Integration Framework (AIF) and Dynamics AX services.


Consuming External Web Services (Dynamics AX 4)

Version: Dynamics AX 4.   1 Motivation In today’s world of complex business processes, it is not always desirable or possible for companies to implement or customize all aspects of their business applications in-house. At the same time, service providers offer a wide variery of solutions for specific business problems, such as tax services (sales…