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The AIF team is excited to announce this new blog for discussing issues related to integrating Dynamics AX through the Application Integration Framework (AIF) and Dynamics AX services.

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  1. yrod says:

    Hello Mr. Merz,

    I have an important question about AIF and Bc. Which of both ways is the best to implement SmartClient apps in .Net? I’d like to create something like the Sync Framework functionality, but with AX as "Application Server" and a Localcache for Clients (Articlelist, Customerlist, … ), because those are often offline. (My Company has upto 600 stores around Europe, Head Quarter in Germany). We don’t need all AX functionality, just some Validation Services implemented into AX expose via WCF.


  2. George says:


    I need to integrate MS CRM and Dynamics AX 2009.  (for e.g. leads oppertunity or customer creations in MS CRM should reflect in Dynamics AX). Kindly advice me which is the best way to do that.



  3. PJCM says:


    I'm trying to import Purchase Invoices using AIF and File System. However, the XML file is rejected with no explanation of the reason. Do you have an example XML file I can use for testing?

  4. Jayesh Mhatre says:


    Can I have the video tutorial for AIF Installation and Configuration?

    Thank You All,

  5. Jayesh Mhatre says:


    Can I have the video tutorial for AIF Installation and Configuration?

    Thank You All,

  6. Ismael says:

    You can see tutorial video how to configure AIF with file adapter for journal purch in andesof.net

  7. ajnar says:

    How do I use jquery to consume ax 2009 aif services??

    I have searched for asp.net samples to consume the ax web services but to no avail.

    can anyone point me in the right direction?

    im hoping this is the right place to post this 🙂

  8. Leo says:

    Hi Friends, I am new in Dynamics Ax, right now my company using AX2009 and have several application written in VB2008. According to the AIF manual, AIF support the connection between VB2008 with data in AX2009. My Company plans to build a small application in VB and access data from AX using Web Services. for Example : I create a Sales Order Form in VB and do some validation using Web Services provided by AX2009 and save the data in Sales Order table like i create Sales order in AX2009, IS it possible to do that?

    Thanks anyway.

  9. Jasper Defesche says:

    At on of our clients we've setup AIF for retrieving all items from the InventTable. The AIF message is quite large (roughly 22Mb on disc). We included the max_buffer_size in the registry. However the AOS is taking soo much time (20 minutes or so) to get the data and transform it into XML. As it runs in the AIF job, it is blocking all other trafic and sometimes an OutOfMemory error is raised. I was wondering if it is possible to speed up AX in collecting the data and formatting it as Xml. thanks in advance.

  10. David says:

    Hello, I have problem in getting all the warning or error message when call to AIF service get errors. because what we get only the last error message. is it possible to extract all error and warning message ?

  11. Robin says:

    Hi David – the short answer is yes, it is possible, and here’s how. First, you need to have the option Include exceptions in fault enabled for your port (that’s a checkbox on the Inbound ports or Outbound ports form, under the Troubleshooting heading). Next, you need to use the AifFault class to log and throw the fault – that will cause the errors and warnings to be included in the FaultMessageListArray.

  12. Umeshnath says:

    Processing batched (multiple) messages in AIF AX 2009

    Is there any way we can do processing multiple sales orders in sales order create service.

    AIF inbound processing in AX 2009 we can have one sales order per XML.

    I am in a situation processing multiple sales orders

    It is possible in AX 2012


  13. AjayY says:

    Hi mmerz,

    I'm not able to post anything blog since there is no option to post my query.

    Could you please let me know why there is no option to post my query in this blog(http://blogs.msdn.com/b/aif/) in my login.

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