Patching SQL Server 2008 R2 using command line and un attended mode.

The following command can be used to patch SQL server 2008 R2 instance in silent mode using command line unattended patching.

<Servicepack.exe> /Action=Patch /InstanceName=MSSQLSERVER /Q  /IAcceptSQLServerLicenseTerms
Comments (2)

  1. Papy Normand says:

    A little question ( i am beginning with the unattented mode )

    Is MSSQLSERVER the real name of the instance or the name of the SQL Server Service ?

    real name = dans SSMS right-click on the name of the SQL Server instance ==> Facets ==> Server install parameters ==> InstanceName

    name of the SQL Server Service ( here a default install as a no-named instance )

  2. It is the name of Instance, the instance name may span more than one instance feature like  Engine or Analysis services.

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