Creating a Response Group #3: Creating and configuring a queue

In the two previous posts we first created voice enterprise enabled users usable as response group agents. We then created and configured an agent group to handle easily a collection of agents. Going forward we will add our agent group to a queue. In the response group application a queue is the entity holding the…


Response Group – How-to create a Call Action

Many response group objects have action properties that accept RgsCallAction object. The RgsCallAction is used to determine what the system does when a call is received. Properties for RgsCallAction are as below: Action <Enumerator >: Action to be taken. Terminate: will terminate the call (hang up). TransferToQueue: call will be transferred to selected queue. TransferToQuestion:…


Creating a Response Group #2: Create and configure an agent group

In the previous post, we created Lync users that are enterprise voice enabled. Now we want to use these users and make sure they can answer to incoming call to the Response Group we will create later. The object used to hold the collection of agents assigned to a Response Group is called an AgentGroup….