WebDev.WebServer.exe does not start – Configuration system failed to initialize

I have Visual Studio 2005 with Service Pack 1 installed and I cannot debug any web service or web application. This worked for a while and then it stopped working. I researched this on a couple of sites and the suggested solutions were – Debug with F5 – Run with CTRL + F5  – copy WebDev.WebServer.exe from…


64 bit and managed code

This article covers some 64 bit aspects regarding managed code and COM+ applications. The 64 bit info regarding managed code was taken from Josh Williams’ blog and I want to thank him for putting all this useful information online. Personally, I found his postings very usefull. The COM+ application info I was able to find it in…

Using DelayedFileSystemWatcher sample

See attached file for a sample on how to use DelayedFileSystemWatcher class described in my previous post FileSystemWatcher generates duplicate events – How to workaround   Program.cs


FileSystemWatcher generates duplicate events – How to workaround

I had to use the FileSystemWatcher class these days and I found out that it raises multiple duplicate events. If you are not familiar with FileSystemWatcher class, this class allows you to watch a particular folder and receive notifications/events every time there is change happening in that folder. You can subcribe to all sorts of…