Custom Pipeline Component for Processing DBF, Excel and other ODBC types

Matt Meleski implemented a custom pipeline component to process Excel or DBF files. I did not test this component myself but it seems that other people have tried and it worked well for them. This looks like a nice component that could complement the WSS adapter very nicely.

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  1. Robbish says:

    I have tested and am using this pipeline component.

    It it’s working great, and fills a need I did have.

  2. Juanma says:

    Excellent tutorial. Very useful. Thank you.

    What I need is to read from a xml file and write in a DBF file. Is it possible?

    Hope you can help me.


  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Matt’s post says that the component is implemented using OLEDB, you might be able to use a DBF source to do what you want to do. You should ask Matt this question on his blog.

  4. Asif Raza says:

    where is the code to download…. can any one help please

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