64 bit and managed code

This article covers some 64 bit aspects regarding managed code and COM+ applications. The 64 bit info regarding managed code was taken from Josh Williams’ blog and I want to thank him for putting all this useful information online. Personally, I found his postings very usefull. The COM+ application info I was able to find it in…


BizTalk Server 2004 SP2 Beta is available

From my colleague Bill Ticehurst [MSFT]: Hi all, A beta release of Service Pack 2 for BizTalk Server 2004 is now available from the Connect site.  To obtain this beta perform the following steps: – Go to http://connect.microsoft.com/- Sign in with your Passport account  (you need to do this step for it to be visible)-…


%Filename% macro is not replaced with the disk filename

I’ve seen this issue showing a couple of times on the BizTalk Newsgroups so I thought it’s worth posting about this on my blog. The user expectation, which is probably correct from usability point of view, is that the %Filename% macro is replaced with the name of the original file no matter if that file was…


Custom Pipeline Component for Processing DBF, Excel and other ODBC types

Matt Meleski implemented a custom pipeline component to process Excel or DBF files. I did not test this component myself but it seems that other people have tried and it worked well for them. This looks like a nice component that could complement the WSS adapter very nicely.


WSS Adapter handling of InfoPath forms with attachments

InfoPath supports forms with file attachments by encoding the attachement as base64 and including the following PI <?mso-infoPath-file-attachment-present ?> at the top of the XML document to indicate that a file has been attached to the document. WSS adapter works with InfoPath forms with attachements by making sure that it does not add/remove/update any of…


WSS v3 Beta 2 is out – try it with WSS adapter

Windows SharePoint Services V3 Beta 2 is out and you can download it here. WSS v3 does not install a policy file that redirects old SharePoint assembly requests to the new assemblies. For this reason, if you try to use WSS v3 Beta 2 with BizTalk 2006 WSS adapter, you will run into errors. In…


BizTalk Server 2006 TechCenter has been launched

Yesterday, May 1st, we launched the BizTalk Server 2006 TechCenter (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/biztalk/). The TechCenter provides easy access to BizTalk Server 2006 technical documentation, downloads, and community, as well as to IT Pro favorites such as the Events & Errors Message Center. Each navigation page within the technical library includes quick access to search BizTalk Server newsgroups…


WSS Adapter webcasts/videos

BizTalk 2006 RTMd last month, and the BizTalk Betaplace has been closed for a few weeks now. Many people have asked me for access to the WSS Adapter videos that were shared on the betaplace and finally, here they are. The videos are shared on this SharePoint site: http://wssadapter.members.winisp.net/default.aspx, in the Shared Documents document library,…


Parsing plain text messages/flat files received through POP3 adapter

Recently I received this question from one of our customers, unfortunately his email address was wrong and I couldn’t reply directly to him. Before leaving to the BizTalk Shipping party … yuuhuuu… I thought to try and provide an answer. See below a scrubbed version of the email I received I am trying to find someone…


Upgrading from BT’04 GotDotNet WSS Adapter 1.0 to BT’06 native WSS Adapter

I finally found some time and tried upgrading from BizTalk 2004 and GotDotNet WSS adapter to BizTalk 2006 and the native BT’06 adapter for Windows SharePoint Services. The idea was to start from a BizTalk 2004 installation with version 1.0 of Steve Resnick & Co. WSS Adapter (http://www.gotdotnet.com/workspaces/workspace.aspx?id=0d1aa85c-cf8d-497e-84f4-3ffec8db115f) , setup a simple messaging scenario using SharePoint,…