Block scoping variables

Block scoping is used mostly as by-product of using the standard blocks like try-catch, if-then, do-while etc. However you can explicitly use blocks by unqualified { } braces. I’ve started using this feature to contain the variables within a function to a specific scope. This is cutting down silly mistakes during development time.


Best new VS Tip – Ctrl +-

Just picked this up from Scott on Writing . Ctrl +- allows you to navigate through the stack of cursor positions in your VS session. Invaluable when going through multiple F12 (go to definition) in a multilayred application or any comlex debugging session. I expect to use this shortcut daily. I used to mess around…


Data Generation

I don’t normally work with a huge number of tables and do a lot of SQL work. But when I do start one of the most painful experiences is generating test data. Painful and un-rewarding. This is the data generation that is purely schema driven and does not care about the actual content of the…


Web Platform Installer Release candidate available

The Web Platform Installer (Web PI) is a simple tool that installs Microsoft’s entire Web Platform, including IIS7, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and the .NET Framework. Using the Web Platform Installer’s user interface, you can choose to install either specific products or the entire Microsoft Web Platform onto…


Never Again – The tale of a missed friday evening beer

He was just like all the other developers when the project started. His eyes gleamed at the thought of starting off on a new code base – the thrill of the first include statement. He knew excatly where the code would be located – D volume (obviously – no self respecting techie would ever use the…


Just out – IE 6 for WM

Its out and its… well much much nicer than the current PIE.   Can you have it ? –  No – it will not be made available as a seperate download for your exisitng WM devices. (Personally i dont think this is such a bad move if its not going to perform well as a seperate install)….


Sync Inspector Tool – Inspecting Client DB state for pending Changes

Its been a while since I got a chance to post. I’ve been knee deep in developer mode – fun fun. A lot of work has been around Ado.Net Sync Services v2. One of the issues I face during debugging Sync issues is analysis of the SQL Server CE database state. So ! Here’s Inspector…


IIS7 does not render CSS

This is because under default settings, “static content” is not installed with IIS.   To enable this on a Windows Server 2008 machine do the following   1. Fire up Server Manager 2. Select Web Server under Roles – notice that Static Content is not installed 3. Select Add Role Services from the right hand…


Consuming WCF Services from Compact Framework 3.5

CF 3.5 introduces support for WCF.   Consuming using a WCF client To create a CF WCF client you will need to generate it using the NetCFSvcUtil tool which is available as a part of the Power Toys download Use this tool as you would for the desktop to generate a client.   Limitation: CF 3.5 only…


Expanding Disk space in Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008

If you are running your Windows Server 2008 over Hyper-V, we must first make the extra space available through the Hyper-V Manager Making space available 1. Open Hyper-V Manager on physical machine 2. Stop the target VM 3. Right-click target VM and select settings 4. Hardware > IDE Controller 0 > Hard drive 5. Edit…