Task Parallel Library goes public

If you’re interested in taking advantage of multiple processors and code in .NET with a minimal amount of effort then this is the library for you. The introductory MSDN article is here. Long live Parallel.For() 🙂


The cool stuff is starting to surface (introducing Graffiti)

It’s been tough not being able to write about anything that we work on here in Dublin, but slowly the details are starting to come out. Ian’s latest post on what we presented at e-Metrics includes a demo video of Graffiti, an automatic tagging module that’s included in Gatineau Beta 2. It was completely designed,…

Come join us!

Our team here in Dublin has launched a recruiting site at http://www.joinmicrosofteurope.com/. It’s got information on what it’s like to work here, some of the many benefits, and first-hand interviews with members of our team. As well, we’re starting a MSDN blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/gpde. Go check them out!

ReSharper and xUnit.net

Those of you who have switched over to xUnit.Net may have a received a nasty surprise with the ‘type members layout’ feature of ReSharper: it doesn’t respect method attributes. Namely, you can tell it to not reorder methods in an NUnit fixture like this:  <Pattern>   <Match>       <HasAttribute CLRName=”NUnit.Framework.TestFixture”/>     </Match>   </Pattern> But you cannot…