Consolas and you

If this font isn't already on your system, you owe it to your eyes to install it for viewing and/or editing code (including the code on this page).

Download Consolas from MSDN 

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  1. If you care about your programming font you also owe it to yourself to try a few great others.

    Monaco, Anonymous, Bitstream Vera Sans and Andale Mono are all great fixed-width TTF programming fonts you can find online.

    A comprehensive list can be found at


  2. Casper says:

    Actually I tried using Monaco when I was programmed on MacOS 8.5 and 9 a few years ago. Brad Wilson also wrote about this font with a dark color scheme last month, and concluded that the only downside to Monaco was its lack of a true bold/italic.

    Andale Mono looks decent, but a tad thin. Anonymous seems a bit wide. You can tell I’m not a font expert and thus lack the ability to properly describe fonts.

    For a nice visual comparison, there are links to some PNGs available here.

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