Windows 7 RC – Multiple Monitors for RDC, Finally!!

Previously, I’ve posted about the tease that was shown in the Windows 7 Beta concerning the ability to use multiple monitors in Remote Desktop. Well, now in build 7100, it works! Thanks guys!


More Windows XP Mode

I was SOOOO wrong in my last blog post.  Windows XP Mode is so much more than just simply XP in a Virtual PC VM.  First of all, any application that you install in XP appears in your Win 7 Start menu: Not only that, but you can add pre-installed items (like I did for…

Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode – Cool!

(NOTE: This is updated in a subsequent post to cover my ignorance) I really love Windows 7 in all its 64-bit goodness.  I get all my memory.  It’s fast, it’s convenient.  But there’s one thing that I don’t like – my poor broadband modem isn’t yet supported.  I need my broadband modem, because several of…


Win 7 – Burning ISOs is built-in

Windows 7 allows you to burn ISO files out of the box!  Nice sleeper feature: Now, if only it would allow you to mount ISOs as well.  Fingers crossed.


Windows 7 VHD

If you decide to make a Virtual PC 2007 VHD out of the Windows 7 Beta, make sure that you have Virtual PC SP1, or when you go to install the Virtual Machine Additions, you may blue-screen Win 7.  That was a couple of hours wasted for me.