AutoFakes Is Now Live at CodePlex

After many years of just talk, I’ve finally released my first Open Source Software project at CodePlex, called AutoFakes.  It’s meant for Visual Studio 11, though I suppose it would probably work in VS 10 if you have Pex/Moles installed, but definitely haven’t tested THAT. Basically, it’s like an auto-mocking container (minus the container –…


ReSharper – Crack for .NET Developers – they hook you with a free 30-day copy, then you shell out the big bucks for it, and then you pay for upgrades almost yearly.  BUT I MUST HAVE IT!  Paying yet again.  Why oh why doesn’t Microsoft get a site-license for this?


"Heroes Happen Here" Notes part 2

(archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days) Yes, I know.  I have a weird definition of "tomorrow."  Here are my notes from last Thursday’s HHH event in Harrisburg, PA: Session 2: Office Development Zhiming Xue Talked a bit bout how VSTO isn’t an extra in VS 2008, but that it’s built in. …


"Heroes Happen Here" Notes

(archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days) I attended the "Heroes Happen Here" event in Harrisburg, PA yesterday.  Not a bad trip overall – the best takeaway was a free copy of Vista Ultimate and Windows Server 2008 (installing now for the first time), though this one is just a one year evaluation…


ReSharper 4.0 & LINQ

(archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days) Unfortunately, as of today (2/28/08), the ReSharper 4.0 EAP still can’t handle LINQ (or partial methods, apparently).  However, I just can’t give up ReSharper’s refactoring capabilities and other goodness, so here’s how you can disable the code analysis and IntelliSense in the ReSharper -> Tools menu…