Polyglot Programmer

I’ve been on a something of a language kick lately. Here is, in no order that I can articulate, a list of the languages that I’d like to be fluent in: Assembly Language C C++ Java C# JavaScript TypeScript F# R Go Python Ruby Lisp I’ve actually coded professionally in the following languages: Assembly Language…


To mock or not to mock, that is the question! (or, when to use dependency injection)

When unit testing, I often use the terms “mocking” and “dependency injection” interchangeably. Now, I know that they are different, however, given that a mock object assumes some sort of dependency injection is involved, I hope you’ll forgive me. However, dependency injection without mocking implies that you’re not unit testing, and that’s just plain wrong….


How to unit test the Bot Framework

Today, let’s test the Microsoft Bot Framework. One of the first things I like to do when attempting to grasp a new framework (well, new to me) is to attempt to unit test the “Hello world” version of the framework. This can give a vague level of complexity to the overall framework, or at least…


Why are we still not unit testing?

Unit testing. At least unit testing. I thought this was a solved problem, people. Agile has come out of the shadows and dominated the techie buzzword machine for years now. Everyone is doing Scrum now, right? Well, OK, they’re usually doing “ScrumBut”. “We’re doing Scrum, but we’re not demoing our software to the customer.” Or, “We’re doing…