2010 Microsoft Developer Technology Sampler

In my role as a consultant, I don’t get to code as often as I’d like to anymore, which means that I don’t get to sit down and code 8 hours a day anymore.  And when I do get to code, it’s not always the most exciting, but rather technology that’s been around since about, say… 2007 or so.  So I get antsy every once in awhile and try to code a simple application using all the latest “stuff”.

Well, simple in the fact that I really don’t expect it to do much.  I do, however, want to integrate a lot of different technologies – things that would make a project “right.”  Here’s what I have planned for the near future:

Sorry, no build engine this time.  It’s just me, so that would be a little more overkill than I’m prepared to handle, although psake sounds pretty interesting.

Seriously, as much as I hate to admit it, trying to figure out how all of these things fit together is quite a challenge.  If I can simply write an app(s) that logs one in through the various UIs (and have it remember that I’m logged in) then I will consider it a great success.

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