Windows 7 RC – Multiple Monitors for RDC, Finally!!

Previously, I’ve posted about the tease that was shown in the Windows 7 Beta concerning the ability to use multiple monitors in Remote Desktop.

Well, now in build 7100, it works!

5-19-2009 4-06-04 PM

Thanks guys!

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  1. I just posted how the Windows 7 RC supports multiple monitors .  Now, in a serendipitous turn of

  2. JohnGalt says:

    Now if only Windows 7 supported real multi-monitors with the start bar across all of them and only the applications running on that monitor on that start bar, life would be great.

    (Yes I’m aware of Ultramon and DisplayFusion but neither work well in Windows 7 and neither have close to the functionality of the Windows 7 bar)

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