Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 – Multiple Monitors

I just posted how the Windows 7 RC supports multiple monitors.  Now, in a serendipitous turn of events so does Visual Studio 2010!  Well, Visual Studio always did in a limited sense, if you wanted to fiddle around with the main window enough, but now it’s baked in.  You can “tear off” not only the…

Windows 7 RC – Multiple Monitors for RDC, Finally!!

Previously, I’ve posted about the tease that was shown in the Windows 7 Beta concerning the ability to use multiple monitors in Remote Desktop. Well, now in build 7100, it works! Thanks guys!


Remote Desktop to Hyper-V and installing Guest Operating Systems

I never log on locally to my Hyper-V server, since it’s just a headless server in my “Server Room” (i.e. a storage room in the basement next to my office).  So Remote Desktop works find for most things.  However, when you’re installing a guest operating system and haven’t yet had the chance to install the…

More Windows XP Mode

I was SOOOO wrong in my last blog post.  Windows XP Mode is so much more than just simply XP in a Virtual PC VM.  First of all, any application that you install in XP appears in your Win 7 Start menu: Not only that, but you can add pre-installed items (like I did for…

Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode – Cool!

(NOTE: This is updated in a subsequent post to cover my ignorance) I really love Windows 7 in all its 64-bit goodness.  I get all my memory.  It’s fast, it’s convenient.  But there’s one thing that I don’t like – my poor broadband modem isn’t yet supported.  I need my broadband modem, because several of…


Developer Default Build

There are some things that I need on every box I build for development.  While it’s true that these things change somewhat over time, there are still some non-negotiable items. Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite + SP1 – there is no substitute Team Foundation Server – we’ve got it here at work and I don’t…

Extending the ILM “2” Schema in RC0

The ILM “2” Schema for the ILM MA is missing a few items that have historically been in the Metaverse – and there are a whole lot of new items as well, but if you find yourself needing some of these attributes, like “st” for State, make sure you don’t forget to do the following…

Win 7 – Burning ISOs is built-in

Windows 7 allows you to burn ISO files out of the box!  Nice sleeper feature: Now, if only it would allow you to mount ISOs as well.  Fingers crossed.


Win 7 Beta RDC Tease

(Update – This now work in build 7100!!) I was pretty excited when I saw the following checkbox on the Remote Desktop: But… unfortunately that bit of functionality doesn’t seem to be working quite yet.  Oh well, maybe on the next build!


What does “ILM” mean in ILM “2”?

ILM “2” can be a little confusing if you are already familiar with MIIS 2003 or ILM 2007. In ILM "2", usually when the documentation refers to “ILM” it refers NOT to the MIIS database or MIIS sync stuff (not directly at least), but rather to the new ILM database, which stores the aggregated view…