SCVMM – How to copy a Hyper-V VM

A few months ago I left EMC and came to Microsoft.  When leaving EMC, about the only thing that I thought I’d miss (other than the great folks!) was VMware.  I had never really played with Hyper-V before, but if you look at some of my old posts on, you’ll notice that I did…


SCVMM Self-Service Portal: “A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client”

If you get this error while attempting to log in to the System Center Virtual Machine Manager’s (SCVMM) Self-Service Portal, then you probably have a password that contains “dangerous” characters – for me it was a “<”.  While strong passwords are good to have, they can mess with ASP.NET.  I’d hate to have to be…


ReSharper – Crack for .NET Developers – they hook you with a free 30-day copy, then you shell out the big bucks for it, and then you pay for upgrades almost yearly.  BUT I MUST HAVE IT!  Paying yet again.  Why oh why doesn’t Microsoft get a site-license for this?


How To Enable ActiveX Controls on Windows Server 2008

I was trying to download some software from MSDN to my new Hyper-V playground box, and of course it requires that ActiveX Control that launches the MSDN Downloader.  Back in  Windows Server 2003 it was relatively easy to enable this by removing the enhanced IE security “Component” accessible from the Add/Remove Software control panel applet. …