While I Was Sleeping…

(archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days)

It's incredible how fast things can change if you turn off your developer technology radar for a few months.  I was pretty comfortable with my knowledge of what was out there around fall of '07.  I'd explored pretty much all the different tools and technologies that had tickled my fancy and even though I wasn't an expert in all of them, I knew that I could pick any one of them up pretty quickly if need be.  So down went my radar for awhile.

Holy cow.

Apparently not everyone has been as idle as I have been.  Here is a list that I compiled in a single afternoon of some things (I'm sure there are plenty more) that I'd like to try out in the not-too-distant-future to see if they can assist me in my daily chores.  What follows is not anything near a full review (basically I've pretty much only heard of them at this point), so my descriptions of what they are may be WAY off:

Gallio Unit testing framework agnostic unit test runner
Git Successor to Subversion???
Team City Continuous Integration competitor to CruiseControl.Net from the makers of ReSharper.  And, yes, it's free.
XUnit The "opinionated" unit testing framework
Pex Continuous testing
Spec# C# with built-in specifications - gives the user of a framework a better idea about how a class/method will behave.
ASP.NET 3.5 Dynamic Data Automatic CRUD that may actually work beyond simple scenarios

How about you?  What kind of technologies have you excited right now?

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