ScottGu and his faithful Blog

(archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days)

If you want to learn a new Microsoft developer tool or technology, what's the first thing you turn to?  MSDN?  Books? Google?  My blog (well, of course you do, but besides that)? 

Me? I'm starting to learn to really appreciate the value of what gets posted on ScottGu's blog (Corporate VP of Microsoft's Developer Division).  ASP.NET MVC Framework?  I learned about it there.  jQuery Intellisense and Ajax?  I learned about it there.  Silverlight?  Well, if I wanted to know more about it (and I will eventually), I can learn about it from there, too.

I've subscribed to his blog for a good while, but it's almost better to look at it not as a subscription, but as a big reference library  of cool, Microsoft developer... stuff.  Subscribing and seeing the posts come out one at a time is almost anticlimactic, somehow.

Oh, and if you don't find what you need from Scott, you can always subscribe to my blog too: Feed your aggregator (RSS 2.0)

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